Hard Wired Video Survelliance

Avycon CamerasAvycon

Would you like to monitor who is at the front door, what your employees or customers are doing at your business when you are away?   Blasser Security can provide both interior and exterior video systems to fit your budget and needs.

For The Home Owner

  • Monitors your home, even while you're away
  • Get alerts on your smart phone when your children arrive home
  • Get an alert when that expected package arrives
  • On guard 24 hours a day
  • May lower your home owners insurance
"Ever since having the cameras installed, the neighborhood kids no longer throw garbage in our lawn and the neighbors actually clean up after their dogs. Not to mention, our mailbox is now safe from the local prankster."
"With the new cameras we had installed, I now know if I received the package I was expecting."

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For The Business Owner

  • Helps provide additional employee safety
  • Get alerts on your smart phone when someone enters an unauthorized area
  • Shoplifting deterrent
  • Offers liability protection
  • Date & Time stamped video
  • Capture recorded video onto a memory stick to give to the authorities for evidence

All of our installed systems allow you to view real-time pictures of video via the internet over a secure connection,  as well as on your smart phone or tablet